City Council To Consider Resolution Asking State To Hold Off On Take-Over Of 5 Low-Performing Schools For At Least 5 Years

Friday, July 14, 2017

The City Council will consider a resolution on Tuesday calling for the state Department of Education to hold off for at least five years on a take-over of five low-performing Hamilton County Schools.

The resolution, sponsored by Councilman Russell Gilbert, asks that new superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson be given two years to make "discernible progress" for students in the IZone Schools.

It asks that the schools remain in the county school system for three years after that.

State Education Commissioner Candice McQueen is in Hamilton County this week for a series of private meetings with citizens on the take-over.

The schools include Woodmore Elementary School, Orchard Knob Elementary School, Orchard Knob Middle School, Dalewood Middle School and Brainerd High School.

Here is the resolution:

 WHEREAS, one of the aims of the City Council is to protect the general welfare of

Chattanooga and its citizens; and

WHEREAS, ensuring that young people in our city receive a proper education is

consistent with that aim; and

WHEREAS, the State of Tennessee Department of Education (“DOE”) is considering

taking certain steps regarding schools designated in the Innovation Zone (“iZone”), which

include Woodmore Elementary School, Orchard Knob Elementary School, Orchard Knob

Middle School, Dalewood Middle School, and Brainerd High School; and

WHEREAS, the community desires additional time to engage the DOE on these steps to

ensure they are in the best interest of our young people; and

WHEREAS, the City Council thinks it is proper to publicly express its desire for DOE to

conduct additional discussions with the community pertaining to the possible takeover of schools

in the iZone.


OF CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE, that it hereby respectfully requests the Tennessee

Department of Education allow for additional discussions with, and input from, the community

on the next steps regarding schools designated in the iZone.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Tennessee Department of Education allow the

new superintendent of schools of Hamilton County a full two (2) years to make use of the

increased funding provided by the designation of “iZone” schools to show discernable student

academic progress, and must allow these five (5) schools to remain under Hamilton County

School Board jurisdiction to continue for the three (3) following years with the iZone designation

and the increased necessary funds that designation provides.

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